Vacuum tube collection

04.09.2007 21:46

This is a part of my collection of old vacuum tubes (electron valves).

I have found this stack in my grandparent's cellar and I have not yet managed to identify all of them. I can also only guess at their age and state. Some look like they haven't been used yet and at least one (RV2 P800) appears to be from the second world war.

If you can provide any information that is missing below please drop me a mail. Thanks.

PL 36

Philips Miniwatt PL 36.


RCA 77


77, manufacturer unknown


Tungsram Barium 77, England


Sylvania 6SJ7GT, US

UCH 21

Tungsram UCH 21

RV2 P800 RV2 P800 box

Telefunken RV2 P800, Germany. This is a multifunction pentode that was used in battery-powered devices by the German military during the second world war. After the war it was commonly used in amateur electronics, since it was widely available from old equipment.

The box with date stamp "8 sep 1940" was found by Bas Hermans.

EFM 11

Telefunken EFM 11

EM 34

Philips Miniwatt EM 34, Holland. This is a magic eye tube.


1299, manufacturer unknown

PL 81

Manufacturer unknown. Probably PL 81 high voltage pentode.

PY 82

Tungsram PY 82

PCL 82

Ei PCL 82, Yugoslavia

EAF 42

Philips Miniwatt EAF 42

EBC 91

Lorenz EBC 91, Germany


Lorenz 6BA6, Germany


Type and manufacturer unknown. Possibly AZ 41 full-wave rectifier (thanks to Szuhay Péter).


Tri?gram radio EA?


Type and manufacturer unknown. Looks like EL 84 or EL 86 but has 8 pins.

Possibly UL 41 output pentode. UL 41 was commonly used as low frequency power amplifier in the late 40's - mid 50's (thanks to Lars Thomsen).

ECH 81

Exact type and manufacturer unknown. Possibly a version of ECH 81 or a CH 84 triode heptode.

CH 84 has been used as a noise rejector/line oscillator in TV sets (thanks to Lars Thomsen).


Type and manufacturer unknown


Type and manufacturer unknown

ECH 81

Tungsram ECH 81 triode pentode