Galaksija development tools

24.06.2007 18:00


This is a loose collection of tools for use with Galaksija home microcomputer:

Convert a binary Galaksija tape file to an audio file for loading to a Galaksija computer through the sound card.
Encapsulate a Z80 machine code block into a Galaksija tape file together with a simple BASIC loader.
Convert a bitmap to a Galaksija video framebuffer.
Inspect and dump characters from a Galaksija character generator ROM image.
Header files for use with a Z80 assembler that contain useful macro definitions for writing assembly programs for Galaksija.
Example assembly programs for Galaksija

Supported platforms

In theory any UNIX-like operating system. In practice, these tools have been tested on Debian GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.


The following libraries are needed to build all tools:

configure script is smart and will not attempt to build those tools that require libraries that have not been found on your system.

You will also need a Z80 assembler if you wish to assemble example programs for Galaksija. z80asm works fine.


For stable releases, please see

To download the latest development version, please use the git repository.