From F-Spot to Shotwell in Jessie

14.07.2015 20:24

F-Spot photo manager was dropped in Debian Jessie in favor of Shotwell. While Shotwell supports automatically importing data from F-Spot out-of-the box, the import is far from perfect. Here are some assorted notes from migrating my library. Note that this applies specifically to the version in Jessie (0.20.1).

  • Shotwell does not support storing multiple versions of a photo (F-Spot created a new version of a photo for each edit in GIMP, for instance). On import, each version is stored as a separate photo in Shotwell.

  • The tag hierarchy is correctly imported from F-Spot. However sometimes a tag is imported twice: once in its correct position in the hierarchy and once at the top level. This is because F-Spot at some point started embedding tags (without hierarchy data) inside image files themselves in the Xmp.dc.subject field. Shotwell import treats the F-Spot hierarchy and the embedded tags separately, resulting in duplication.

    One suggestion is to remove the embedded tags before import. However, this further modifies files (which shouldn't be modified in the first place, but you can't do anything about that now). Upon removing the field, the exiv2 tool also seems to corrupt vendor-specific fields in JPEG (I don't think truncating the entry warnings are as benign as this thread suggests.

    A better way is to ignore the embedded tags on import. Apply this patch, recompile the Shotwell Debian package and use the modified version to import data from F-Spot:

    --- shotwell-0.20.1.orig/src/photos/PhotoMetadata.vala	2014-03-04 23:54:12.000000000 +0100
    +++ shotwell-0.20.1/src/photos/PhotoMetadata.vala	2015-07-12 13:11:34.021751079 +0200
    @@ -857,7 +857,6 @@
         private static string[] KEYWORD_TAGS = {
    -        "Xmp.dc.subject",

    After importing, you can revert back to the original version, shipped with Debian. The embedded tags are only read once on import.

  • Shotwell doesn't support GIF images. Any GIFs are skipped on import (and noted in the import log) As crazy as that sounds, I had some photos in my library from an old feature phone that saved photographs as GIF files. I converted them to PNG and manually re-imported.

  • Time and date information is not imported from F-Spot at all. Shotwell reads only the data from the EXIF JPEG header. If you adjusted creation time in F-Spot, those modifications will be lost.

    Unfortunately, F-Spot itself seems to have had problems with storing this data in its database. It looks like the timestamps have been stored in different formats over time without proper migrations between versions. Looking at my F-Spot library, various photos have +1, 0 and -1 hour offsets compared what they probably should be.

    I gave up on trying to correct the mess in the F-Spot library. I made a Python script that copied timestamps directly from the F-Spot SQLite database to the Shotwell database, but only when the difference was more than 1 hour. The script is quite hacky and probably too dangerous for general consumption. If you have similar issues and are not afraid of SQL, send me a mail and I'll share it.

In the end, Shotwell feels much more minimalist than F-Spot. Its user interface has its own set of quirks and leaves a lot to be desired, particularly regarding tag management. On the other hand, I have yet to see it crash, which was a common occurrence with F-Spot.

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