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I guess too many things happen in a year to be able to mark the whole as good or bad with good conscience. For me, 2014 certainly had had its ups and downs. Looking back at it though, I can't avoid the feeling that the latter were more abundant and that it's been overall a difficult year to weather.

My life in 2014 has been dominated by a bunch of personal problems that surfaced almost exactly at the start of the year. I only wish I could say they are completely behind me. I am not comfortable discussing them here, except to say that I am immensely grateful for the help and support I received, despite the worries and grief I caused. Foremost from my parents and also from professional counselors I met over the past twelve months.

I have completed, even if just barely catching the deadline, the first year of a postgraduate programme at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School. Although I have been encouraged by my employer and others to pursue a PhD, I am not that optimistic that I will complete the study. After being a passive observer of the school for two years and a student for one I'm not convinced that I can make a meaningful contribution to science in this environment. I feel I am too old to sign attendance at lectures, study a topic only for the sake of passing an exam and giving seminar presentations to empty rooms.

Last year has been the time when I completed what is probably my most elaborate electronics project yet. The new UHF receiver for VESNA has been an interesting challenge, a welcome refreshment of some parts of electrical engineering I haven't touched in many years and provided a wonderful sense of achievement when everything fell in place. Still, looking at it now, the success is bitter sweet. It's been work done in an isolated garden. I've done all electronics design, firmware and higher level software development myself and it's too little too late. What I made is a product of European funding and the ecosystem at the Institute. Outside these walls it has precious little advantages over something as mediocre as a rtl-sdr stick in a Raspberry Pi.

Given the above, it's no wonder that 2014 has been kind of dry season for technical side projects. I always tended to have some piled on my table, but this time few deserve mention. I've spent perhaps the most time playing with CubieTruck, getting Debian and a web server running smoothly on it and discovering some of its whims. jsonmerge was another project that had me occupied beyond the hackday that sparked it. While it turned out less generally useful than I initially thought, it was a nice excuse to update my Python skills somewhat.

Speaking of Python, visiting Berlin in summer for EuroPython has definitely been one of the highlights of the year. As was manning the hardware hacking table at the WebCamp Ljubljana.

It's hard to sum up 2014. In some way it's been full of serious work and worries that have at times removed the joy of working in my profession. On the other hand, it's been also about facing problems that went unaddressed for too long and doing things that I might not have imagined doing a few years back. It's hard to say which of them has been a distraction from which. It has left me wishing for change and wanting back times when I could spend evenings hacking away on some fun project without deadlines attached.

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I feel I am too old to sign attendance at lectures, study a topic only for the sake of passing an exam and giving seminar presentations to empty rooms.

Jaz sem bil sse starejsi od tebe ampak sem delal magisterij v Beogradu na bolj inteligentan nacin: izbral predmete in literaturo ter odsel na izpit, ko sem bil pripravljen. Ali tega ni v dezeli?

V letu 2014 sem VATS izgubil 1/5 pluc po pravocasnem CT/PET odkritju 15 mm tumorja. Vsaj nekaj sem dobil nazaj od prvega YU CT iz 1970-ih let, ki sem ga instaliral na Rebru v Zagrebu. Jutri imam drugo kontrolo, problemov nobenih. Veliko zdravja in denarja ti zelim!

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