GA 7VT600 lmsensors settings

02.05.2014 17:35

Recently I've put into use a relatively ancient Gigabyte GA 7VT600 1394 motherboard that's been gathering dust on the top shelf of my wardrobe. I used it to replace an even older MSI board which, while still working perfectly, was getting a bit slow.

After replacing the dead lithium battery for RTC and NVRAM, it seems to work just fine with stock Debian Wheezy and passes a few ad-hoc stress tests.

One thing I noticed though is that sensors tool from the lm-sensors package isn't very useful by default.

Adapter: ISA adapter
in0:          +1.70 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in1:          +1.33 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in2:          +3.25 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in3:          +2.86 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in4:          +3.23 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in5:          +1.89 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in6:          +1.89 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in7:          +3.01 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
Vbat:         +0.00 V  
fan1:        3308 RPM  (min =    0 RPM, div = 8)
fan2:           0 RPM  (min =    0 RPM, div = 8)
temp1:        +35.0°C  (low  = +127.0°C, high = +127.0°C)  sensor = thermistor
temp2:        +31.0°C  (low  = +127.0°C, high = +127.0°C)  sensor = thermistor
temp3:        +47.0°C  (low  = +127.0°C, high = +127.0°C)  sensor = thermal diode
intrusion0:  OK

The board obviously has a IT87 series chip that provides some hardware monitoring functionality (you need the it87 kernel module). Apart from the lack of useful labels, some voltages also seem to be divided by voltage dividers before being measured by it87. I would expect at least 5 V and 12 V lines there.

Figuring out which fan is which was trivial. For finding out other things, I compared the printout above with what the BIOS setup utility says. I picked out the most logical divider values for voltages. Since these also seem to fit the order of sensors, I'm relatively confident they are correct.

PC Health Status screen on GA 7VT600 motherboard.

in5 and in6 readings are very unstable and don't seem to be shown in the BIOS screen. I'm guessing they are not connected on this board. temp2 is also not shown, but seems to give reasonable values, so I'm guessing there is a temperature sensor connected there, but I don't know where it is.

So, for future reference, put this into /etc/sensors.d/ga-7vt600 to get a nicely labeled and properly calculated values for this hardware:

chip "it87-isa-0290"
    label temp1 "Sys Temp"
    label temp2 "Aux Temp"
    label temp3 "CPU Temp"

    label fan1 "CPU Fan"
    label fan2 "Sys Fan"

    label in0 "Vcore"
    label in1 "DDR Vtt"
    label in2 "+3.3V"
    label in3 "+5V"
    label in4 "+12V"
    label in7 "5VSB"

    compute in3 @*1.679, @/1.679
    compute in4 @*3.973, @/3.973
    compute in7 @*1.679, @/1.679
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