WebCamp Ljubljana

27.04.2014 20:18

Yesterday I attended WebCamp Ljubljana held at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science. It was expertly organized by Jure and his team of volunteers as the conclusion to the OCWC global conference on open education.

Kiberpipa table at WebCamp Ljubljana 2014

Image by jskrablin

I managed to attend two talks, but otherwise I was mostly hanging around the Kiberpipa table where I was invited to show off some of my hardware projects. VESNA spectrum sensor, an interactive animated pony on an OLED display and a few other tidbits attracted a surprising amount of attention at the otherwise web-development focused event.

I recorded a trace of the 2.4 GHz band during the event to compare it with my earlier measurements at home. As you can see on the visualization below, it looks a bit more lively than my previous recordings that were made in a quiet residential area.

At the conclusion of the conference I made a hurriedly prepared lightning talk about these measurements and how they can help you choose the best channel for a Wi-Fi access point. I proposed to setup a crowd-funding campaign for a cheap spectrum sensor for that sole purpose if there is enough interest. From the feedback I got though I think I failed to present the topic in an understandable way for this audience.

Incidentally, the wireless network at the event was not particularly reliable. Although as I understand, the physical layer was not a problem in this case.

2.4 GHz use at WebCamp Ljubljana 2014

(Click to watch 2.4 GHz use at WebCamp Ljubljana 2014 video)

In general, the event went by in a very positive atmosphere. I think 20 minutes per talk gave it just the right pace for a gathering like this. I enjoyed the presentations about IPv6 and Apache Solr. I talked with a lot of nice people and I was surprised by the gender balance among the speakers and audience. Unfortunately I was too tired from getting up early on a Saturday and the hectic week before to check out the social event in Kiberpipa that followed in the evening.

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