UHF receiver redesign

03.12.2013 16:10

I'm currently in the middle of designing a new version of the UHF receiver for VESNA sensor nodes. It has been over a year and a half since I designed the first version. In this time I learned a lot about spectrum sensing and so I now have a much better understanding of the state of the art in this field. It has been obvious for quite a while that the design needs to be upgraded in order to keep up with the latest research.

In this time also came to know the capabilities of the VESNA platform much better and can now work on a design that will have a much better match between what is done in hardware and what can be left to digital signal processing in software. The whole idea is to keep it as flexible as possible while staying compatible with low-powered systems like VESNA (and not go for a full-blown software-defined radio approach).

Unfortunately, this project of mine has been taking way too long, with work-related and personal things interfering at the most inconvenient times. Right now I'm optimistic that I will have the hardware design finalized by the end of the year.

Last Friday I should have had a presentation on the topic of the UHF receiver redesign for our research group at the Institute. Sadly I had to cancel, but I am now publishing the slides I prepared for it here.

SNE-ESHTER block diagram slide.

Get the slides in the PDF format.

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