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13.01.2013 20:22

I've been using the same GnuPG key pair for signing and encrypting my mail since 2001. If you are not using an email client that is OpenPGP-aware you might have noticed that all my electronic correspondence seems to have a piece of robot barf appended at the end. I've been stubbornly insisting on at least signing all of my out-going mail, even for recipients that I know don't use public-key cryptography, in a futile attempt to raise awareness about these things.

This secret 1024 bit DSA/ElGamal pair will now soon be 12 years old. It has been moved between many machines and, while I'm quite careful about these things, it's at least probable that in all these years it had leaked somewhere. It's also hopelessly outdated by any modern standard and quite within the reach of modern code-breakers. Listening to the RSA factorization in the real world talk at 29C3 finally reminded me to take the plunge and replace it with a modern 4096 bit RSA key. I've also moved to SHA256 digests, as recommended by Debian. And finally, to prevent the new key from getting this far beyond its best-before date, I've also set the expiry date to 5 years.

So, my new key is:

pub   4096R/0A822E7A 2013-01-13 [expires: 2018-01-12]
      Key fingerprint = 4EC1 9BBE DE7A 4AA1 E6EB  A82F 059A 0D2C 0A82 2E7A

I will be immediately switching all signatures to it. I will not revoke my old key for the next 90 days, but if you encrypt your mail, please use my new key instead. Also, if you got one of my Moo cards recently, please note that the GPG fingerprint on the back side refers to my old key.

You can import my new public key into your key chain by using the following command:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0A822E7A

I would appreciate if you would sign my new key to integrate it into the web of trust. If you meet me in person in the future, I will probably give you the key fingerprint, so you can be sure it's the correct one. Otherwise if you trust my old key, you can check my official key transition statement, which is signed by both my old and my new key.

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