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05.01.2013 12:07

One of the results of me squatting a table in the retro-gaming assembly of 29C3 is the following short list of news regarding Galaksija:

Applebloom simulation on Galaksija at 29C3 retro-gaming assembly.

I've uploaded a new version of Galaksija development tools today. Version 0.2.2 includes the assembly source for the Not my department scroller demo that I wrote on a whim on day 1 of the Congress and that could be sporadically seen running on the TV screen in the retro-gaming area. The demo uses the built-in video driver routine in ROM, but tweaks the timings of the video signal to achieve smoother vertical motion of the text than what the usual low-resolution graphics would allow. This is a trick similar to what ROM terminal emulation routines use to smoothly scroll screen contents upwards. Here's a pretty horrible video of the running demo.

Before the congress I also updated the CMOS Galaksija page. It now finally includes complete design documentation of my Galaksija-compatible motherboard and keyboard, including schematics and PCB artwork, as well as full text of my thesis that covers a lot of details of how the circuit works (in Slovene language, for information in English it's still best to just search for "galaksija" on this blog). Over the years many people asked for these documents and now I finally managed to dig out the final version from my old CVS repository and verify that it reflects correctly the circuit in my single working specimen. I would love to hear from anyone that would like to attempt building his own CMOS Galaksija using this documentation.

Finally, if you missed my Galaksija talk at 29C3, the video has been uploaded to YouTube and you can find slides from the presentation in the PDF format on the Fahrplan.

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Thank you for posting video of your talk. I enjoyed it immensely. While I never had Galaksija (started with C64), it still brought a whiff of nostalgia for POKEing and PEEKing. It also reminded me how much I forgot and how little stayed relevant as my interests moved over time. I may still be a programmer, but not of the same flock.

Agnus, Paula and Denise were names chips could have when there was a kind of strange intimacy to controlling your machine. Maybe it is still possible to feel with it when programming RaspberryPi, but these days I feel more personal attachment and fondness for rather more vague web.

Looking forward to your next talk. Hope I won't miss it this time. Maybe let us know in advance through your blog.

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