The ultimate Galaksija talk

11.12.2012 10:58

A few days ago the first version of the Fahrplan for 29th Chaos Communication Congress was released. As you might have guessed from the title, I'm happy to announce that I'll be presenting a talk this year about Galaksija.

Galaksija screenshot

Why ultimate? First of all, because it's modeled after the two previous ultimate talks about vintage computers: Michael Steil's about Commodore 64 and Sven Oliver's about Atari 2600. They are both well worth a watch if you are into vintage computing and should give you an impression of what my talk will look like.

The second reason is that this is probably the last talk about Galaksija I'll do. Looking back, it's amazing that I've been playing with it for over the six years now. I have presented this little computer in a lot of places: from academic institutions through hackerspaces to vintage computing festivals and art festivals. I feel that I have explored just about everything about this small piece of history. Just last month I have also met for the first time Galaksija's original author, Voja Antonić, who helped me clarify a few remaining questions about the original design. So while probably last, I'm confident that this will be the best of my talks on the topic.

So, if this sounds interesting and you are into old 8-bit machines, you are kindly invited on day 4 at 14:00 to Saal 6 (subject to change, as usual with Fahrplans). I'll also make sure that by that time I'll update the pages about my CMOS replica and include remaining documentation that has not been published yet.

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Great on your Galaksija epic closure! It was great digging diploma project into computer basics. I remember that I actually understood how transistors function doing PSU for an exotic relexation oscilator which I later used in many hamradio electronic Morse keyer designs. Your "Galaksija" is a "real thing" and not just TED cultural event.

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