GOTO 1982

09.06.2012 15:53

Last week the National museum of contemporary history opened the doors to a new temporary exhibition dedicated to the history of computing. While quite a few groups and sponsors were involved in the preparation of this exhibition, GOTO 1982 is also the culmination of efforts of Kiberpipa's computer museum to regroup, reorganize and give one more try at making a community that would do its best to preserve the history of computing in our country.

Wall of Sinclair and Commodore computers at GOTO 1982

Two years ago, things looked quite bleak. The old team pretty much went their separate ways for complicated reasons. Exhibits got scattered around Ljubljana as Kiberpipa and it's mothership organization was struggling with the large pile of old stuff that was taking precious storage space. The permanent exhibition in Kiberpipa's cellar went into an increasing state of disarray.

Apple II GS at GOTO 1982 exhibition

Last spring however at least some of the old disputes were settled and we got a new team together. We also got a sponsor for a proper storage space and spent the rest of the summer tracking where the old collection went and moving it all to the new location - involving lots of manual work, rented vans and forklifts in the process. We cleaned up the small exhibition in Kiberpipa and made it presentable again to the occasional visits from schools and reporters. I gave up on my former role of computer repair man and took care of cataloging our complete collection. We now have a web-based inventory tracking system and fancy QR-code stickers on each piece, with 312 pieces of inventory and 234 unique exhibits in the database. Being able to show a spreadsheet of possible display items goes a long way in presenting a credible case for an exhibition like GOTO 1982.

GOTO 1982 exhibition

I can't say how happy I am that GOTO 1982 turned out as well as it has. It was in no way a small feat and all of us have donated a lot of our time to make it possible. It also gives a spark of hope that one day there will be a permanent place somewhere in Slovenia where you can try out typing on Spectrum's rubber keyboard or listen to the original Prince of Persia theme beep out of the PC speaker.

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Congrats mladina! IJS je prispeval 16-bitnik PMP-11 za GOTO1982. Jaz imam sse enega zdavnaj obljubljenega v K4. Upam, da bomo to uredili pred Matildo.

Looks nice. I still prefer to see these computers up and running than hanged on a wall, but it looks no computer was harmed here, so... :)

There are various projects in FranceI heard about (at two schools where I was a student). They had rather impressive collection of hardware, ranging from PowerMac G3 to things running on perforated cards, but unfortunately it was never made into a suitable exhibition...

That seems so interesting i would love to visit such museum .. and collect information .. It would be great to find how things looked past 10 years

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