Video of my 433 MHz receiver talk

14.01.2012 18:04

Questions and answers at 433 MHz receiver talk, Kiberpipa

Photo by lowk3y

Last Tuesday I gave a talk about my 433 MHz receiver project at Kiberpipa's Open Sessions. I presented what I learned about the radio communication between cheap, simple everyday devices, described the receiver hardware and software and did a live demo.

I think the talk was well received and although I didn't go much into the security consequences of some of my finds the Q & A session that followed made it clear that it wasn't really necessary.

A few minutes ago I also uploaded the version of the software that I was using during the demo. Compared to the 0.0.1 version which I put on-line during the 28C3 it contains some minor fixes for the software demodulator and a bootstrap script that (hopefully) compiles everything in one step.

If you missed the talk, the video recording of it is already on-line thanks to the efforts of the Viidea team. You can either download it or watch it in the web browser synced to high-res slides at Kiberpipa's shiny new video archive.

Update: in the talk I mentioned that the CM108 audio chip doesn't allow for longer than 24 hours of continuous recording and blamed either a bug in the chip or ALSA drivers. It turns out this was a bug in my own code (which is now fixed in the git repository). I guess I should count the bits in my own variables before speculating on the counter size of others.

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