19.12.2011 15:05

It's almost that time of the year already. You know, to chat with fellow hackers over a bottle of Club Mate, pile up a fresh amount of sleep deficit and draw a line under this year's happenings at talks and workshops.

28C3 - behind enemy lines

Yes, this means that in exactly one week I'll be flying to Berlin to attend the 28th congress together with the same group of guys from Kiberpipa as last year. This year I hope to bring a bunch of portable radio hardware with me to test and experiment with: the 433 MHz sniffer is certainly going into the bag, as well as the Funcube dongle and most likely also a handful of wireless sensor hardware I'm working on at my new job.

Perhaps I'll manage to schedule a lightning talk about some of that stuff. Anyway, if ISM band transmissions hacking sounds like fun to you, give me a call. In addition to all the usual means of communication I'll also be accessible via the 9-8087 extension on the Eventphone GSM network.

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