Thunderbird mail header style

01.09.2011 11:45

After I upgraded my laptop to Debian Squeeze, Icedove (Debian's rebranded Thunderbird 3.0.11) developed an annoying problem. The mail header names (from, to, cc, etc.) got nearly invisible on the dark GTK theme I'm using:

Default Thunderbird header style.

After some experimenting with the GTK theme itself I found out that the color used for this text is now actually hard-coded (bug 583197). I should mention that neither GTK Parasite nor Mozilla's DOM inspector were useful in finding the particular style this text is using.

As suggested on the thread above, the color can be corrected by modifying the offending headerName style. Instead of rebuilding the default theme it is however enough to simply add an override to ~/.icedove/<profile>/chrome/userChrome.css:

.headerName {
	color: #333 !important;
	font-style: italic !important;

Of course, choose the color and style that matches your theme. Here's how this looks like on mine:

Corrected Thunderbird header style.

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