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17.06.2011 21:49

Here is another interesting result extracted from the dataset of 150.000 blog screenshots I mentioned in my previous post. I summed the pixel values of all images and created the screenshot of an average blog:

Browser window averaged over 150 thousand blogs

Actually I made this on a whim after remembering a beautiful average face that decorated a NewScientist cover a while back. It took only around 40 lines of Python code using Numpy and Python imaging library and a few hours of processing time. I wouldn't say the result is cover-page material, but it interesting nonetheless.

I guess everyone can draw their own conclusions from it. The most prominent feature is the Firefox notification bar, which is the artifact of my screenshotting method - the browser I used didn't have Adobe Flash installed. There are methods suggested in the comments to my original post on how to do web page screenshots properly, which I will definitely use should I want to repeat a survey like this.

In hindsight, this bar might have affected the HSV histograms a bit. It is quite possible that on pages with a patterned background the yellow background of the notification bar would be picked up as the dominant color on the page. However I think the effect isn't significant, since this would have resulted in a single-color spike on the dominant color histogram in the yellow part and the spike observed there covers at least two histogram bars.

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