Talking analog in Cyberpipe, part 3

05.06.2011 11:09

Kiberpipa is extending its season well into June so I'm pleased to announce that there will be another talk next week for electronics enthusiasts, continuing the series I started in January.

This time the talk will depart from the details of small signal electronics and instead focus on the problem of powering those circuits on the go. If you are designing a mobile device there are good chances it will be powered by a rechargeable battery. And even with today's fully digital devices battery management remains a stubborn island of analog technology.

New cell chemistries are constantly in development and old ones are continuously improved by new methods and materials, being motivated in part by new electric-powered vehicles. Different chemistries can dictate very different designs of circuits that are powered by them. So we will discuss the battery technologies in use today, their individual strengths and weaknesses and what development we will likely see in the future. You will also hear about specific charging and discharging techniques and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

The talk will be held this Tuesday, 7 June at 19:00 by Gregor Maček, electrical engineer and entrepreneur, designer of eCAT line of electric vehicles.

The talk (in Slovenian language) will be streamed live and recorded by Kiberpipa.

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