Talking analog in Cyberpipe, part 2

02.05.2011 13:58

Back in January I announced a series of electronics-oriented talks in Kiberpipa. As you probably noticed from the lack of subsequent announcements things didn't work out exactly as planned after the first talk.

Mind you, it was not for the lack of interesting hardware projects going on in this part of the world nor people wanting to talk about them. I guess it was just a turbulent time for everyone, with new, unexpected business projects, looming deadlines and job changes all taking priorities. These all caused most talks to be postponed and, without me having replacement speakers ready to jump in, also canceled.

However, the season is not yet over, so I'm pleased to announce that there will be one more talk in the series:

The talk will be tomorrow, Tuesday, 3 May at 19:00 by Rok Štefanič from Cosylab, a Slovenian company specialized in developing control systems for particle accelerators. He is coming from a team that has supplied equipment for most major particle laboratories from around the world and has worked with such important projects as CERN's Large Hadron Collider and ITER. He will discuss the principles of accelerator and detector operation. We will hear about the associated analog electronics for signal handling and processing and how they are detecting particle loss.

The talk (in Slovenian language) will be streamed live and recorded by Kiberpipa.

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