18.09.2010 23:11

Half of the country is fighting floods and I just couldn't sit in my (mostly dry) apartment. With many roads closed I went by foot to the closest hydroelectric power plant to see how it's coping with the torrential rain.

Hidroelektrarna Fužine on Ljubljanica

This is Hidroelektrarna Fužine, a small power plant on Ljubljanica, downstream from Ljubljana. It was built in 1897 for the purposes of a local paper mill and was in fact the first power plant to supply alternating current in the country.

Hidroelektrarna Fužine on Ljubljanica

The usual sight here is a dry spillway and except for a small fish ladder all of the river's flow goes through one or two turbines on riverbanks. Obviously today's sight wasn't usual. I do not remember seeing water this high - neither here nor in the center of Ljubljana. Not to mention so many trunks of uprooted trees in the water.

By the looks of it at least one turbine was working, but I guess all this mud in the water wasn't doing miracles to its longevity. Also it was quite apparent that this abundance of water actually decreases available power because the high water level below the dam significantly decreases the drop.

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