Lenticular stickers

09.08.2010 21:06

Some time ago the office laser printer ran out of juice. When the replacement toner arrived I found the packaging more interesting than the black powdery stuff inside. It appears some serious effort went into making sure these really are genuine cartridges.

What caught my eye were the really nice security holograms, or more correctly, lenticular prints. I just had to take a few home for further study.

Sticker with lenticular print on a piece of cardboard

First I wanted to try how hard it is to remove one of these from the cardboard box in one piece. Note how it has cuts in it to make that harder.

It turns out its really simple - just put it in a glass of water for a few minutes and it basically floats off.

Sticker with lenticular print from a HP toner cartridge

So while recycling stickers may be simple, replicating them is probably pretty hard. These things are wonderful examples of some pretty high-resolution printing.

First you have a microprint that rivals that of banknotes. And then there's the lenticular print which works in vertical as well as horizontal direction. The hemispherical lenses are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye and appear as a smooth matte surface. There's no visible pixelation or signs of image interlace. Compared to the usual examples of this technology, these stickers really stand out.

Here's a video demonstration of how good they look:

Makes me think that if you have the technology to counterfeit HP toner you can probably go straight to printing money and skip the middle-man.

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