10.06.2010 20:12

After seeing the beautiful x0xb0x front panel on Keith's blog I spent some time thinking about the design of the exterior of my new lab power supply.

Power supply front panel wireframe

Compared to your average (computer) graphical user interface there is really not much to it. I want to keep it simple, with knobs and old-fashioned analogue panel meters.

I chose this wide, low case so the power supply will fit under my oscilloscope on the table.

I would love to have that brushed-metal finish. I've seen front panel adhesive films on which you can print with a laser printer. However the case is wider than A4 paper format, which makes it tricky to print on in one piece.

All my previous projects that used the "double-sided-tape + laser print on paper + transparent protective adhesive foil" approach got wrinkly with time. So I'm more than willing to try something new this time.

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