Another mlmmj weirdness

22.06.2010 19:47

Here's another mlmmj weirdness. If you're running this mailing list manager on Debian Lenny (package version 1.2.15-1.1), be advised that this package is missing an English template file maxmailsize, which is used when sending an automated warning to a user if the mail he sent was too large.

This causes messages to get stuck in the mail spool and produces syslog messages like below (love the assertion failed: Success part):

/usr/bin/mlmmj-process[17335]: prepstdreply.c:173: Could not open std mail maxmailsize: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/mlmmj-process[17335]: mlmmj-process.c:656: assertion failed: Success

The simplest fix is to grab an official source distribution tarball and drop mlmmj-1.2.15/listtexts/en/maxmailsize into the text/ subdirectory of each list's spool directory.

Also, it appears this is fixed in Squeeze, so I didn't even bother to open a bug report.

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Thanks for posting this, saved me some time there!

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