Samsung i5700

07.05.2010 19:44

A few days ago I finally made the decision to replace my old Sony Ericsson phone, which was really starting to show its age. I wonder what causes a once perfectly reliable phone to start locking up and grow all sorts of weird new quirks? Hairline fractures in solder joints, increasing ESR of the battery, firmware bit rot?

Anyway (and regardless of what used to be my idea of the ideal mobile phone some years back) I opted for a smart phone. For a while I considered Nokia N900, but quite a few reviews said that it's a good pocket computer but not a good phone. Plus, at 430 € it was a bit on the expensive side. So I opted for an Android phone.

In the end I chose Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica (160 € and a two year contract at Mobitel), with the Android 2.1 upgrade.

These two days I've been using it are way too short for any kind of conclusions about the quality and usefulness of the phone, however I can't help but mention that I'm growing increasingly disappointed at the reliability (after all, I bought this to replace an unreliable phone!)

It started right at the boot: you're offered some kind of a tour when the phone first powers up. That's great, but what good is it, when the "Start" button doesn't work and you can't actually start the tour?

Then, when transferring my phone book via Bluetooth, Android proudly reported that it finished transferring -1.0 kB of data. Right. I should also add that as long as Bluetooth is enabled the phone will happily accept any and all files, even phone book entries, without any kind of authorization or confirmation. Security-wise that's like shooting yourself in the foot. If there's an option to turn this off, I haven't found it.

And, worst of all, in these two days the phone spontaneously rebooted 5 times (meaning that it was waiting at the PIN entry screen when I took it out of the pocket). All of these times I was on the move, so this may have something to do with hopping from one cell to the other. Or perhaps the reason is much more trivial and it was just that the power button was accidentally pressed. I'll be a bit more careful next week and if keylock isn't the issue this phone will be on the fast track back to the shop.

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Hmmm, that's odd. My girlfriend just bought the very same phone, but hasn't upgraded the OS yet to 2.1 and she's really happy with it.

Could it be a problem with the 2.1? Maybe an unofficial mod would be a better idea...

Could be a botched upgrade. Or perhaps I just got a defective unit.

That's exactly why I stay away from the unofficial stuff for the first week or so. I doubt I could get a replacement for a rooted phone.

I did a factory reset as some forum posts suggested. Maybe it will help.

Posted by Tomaž

Well, can't you just flash it again with the official firmware if the unofficial doesn't work any better and *then* return it? But I agree: in the first few weeks, it's a lot easier just to stick with the official stuff.

Keep us posted how it goes. Fingers crossed!

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