Facebook is not Vegas

12.04.2010 21:40

Dnevnik, one of the Slovenian daily newspapers, published a parent's guide to Facebook this Saturday. The second guideline says that parents should never ask their children about the stuff they post on social networks. "What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook."

Although the entire article is written in a slightly satirical tone, I find this logic deeply flawed.

Activities on such websites are basically public knowledge, no matter what their owners try to tell you. Kids should learn that messing around on Facebook can have consequences in real life. What better way to learn that than from a parent asking uncomfortable questions? "Yes, everyone can see that, and everyone includes your parents.". And even if they obey the rule of separating virtual and real lives, sooner or later someone won't. That teaches common sense: if you want privacy, don't do it on a social networking site!

That said, I do believe in the gist of xkcd #137, it's just that you should be doing bold things out of conviction, not ignorance.

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I enjoy FB at 65! Learning few tricks from youngsters. Only one upset economist so far.

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