Adrenalin rush at 30 𝗄𝗆/𝗁

24.04.2010 21:34

Today I attended a full day safe driving course at AMZS' (Automobile Association of Slovenia) new center near Vransko.

I don't have any particular fascination with cars (Ok, I have been known to forget that). But I did came to realize that owning and driving one is basically a must at this time and in this country. So when I do drive my car I try to drive safely and economically (i.e. usually somewhere between "slow" and "get-out-of-my-way-you-fucking-moron" by regional standards).

I wanted to attend the course because I wished to know if my perception of safe driving was valid and because I wanted to experience first hand how a car behaves when you push it outside of it's normal operation.

AMZS safe driving centre Vransko

I can now say that all my questions and doubts are very well answered and cleared out. You get a brief theory lesson that explains the basic concepts like over- and understeer followed by almost 6 hours of (exhausting) practice behind the wheel of your own car. They have slippery surfaces and machinery that simulate dangerous circumstances at low speeds, so you can try out defensive maneuvers in relative safety (relative considering the amount of car-inflicted damage on the buildings and fences around the track, as pointed out by the instructor).

Still, at least for me, it was quite an adrenalin rush to try to recover control in a car that's trying to spin out of control. It gives you an appreciation of how hard it is to react correctly in an actual emergency. In one exercise, for example, even though I was aware approximately when a hydraulic plate will violently push my car into a drift, I was still shocked every time it happened. You can't think and there's no time for rational thought. It's only after a number of tries that my hands just started doing the right things by themselves.

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone that spends any time behind the wheel. I learned things that I was surprised I didn't hear when getting a license. I should also mention that I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly and professional attitude of the staff - until today I was under the impression that professional drivers have even worse attitude towards amateurs than IT professionals.

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What's the cost???

Posted by Matic Mekinda (via Facebook)

Wow, nice. I would also like to know whats the price ;)

Posted by Urban Škudnik (via Facebook)

I paid 140€.

Posted by Tomaž (via Facebook)

I guess I learnt most of the safety lessons hard way with my light car with rear engine and drive. No trouble with front engine and front wheel drive since 1967. Overspeeding often :-)

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