Boiler conclusions

23.01.2010 23:09

Here are a couple of conclusions of my electrical water heater monitoring project.

  • On average I use 3 kWh of electrical energy per day on hot water. That's 90 kWh per month or roughly half my monthly electricity bill.
  • For comparison, space heating consumes 1120 kWh of heat per month in winter (if I can believe what the district heating company is billing me). According to my last year's car calculations, I burned up 740 kWh worth of chemical energy per month in my car.
  • Shifting all water heater's consumption to night time would save me 2.2€ per month or 26€ yearly.

Surprisingly, providing hot water seems to require an order of magnitude less energy than daily car commute and two orders of magnitude less than providing moderately warm living quarters. That's something I didn't really expect.

Accordingly, the savings are low too. A timer would perhaps pay itself back in two years or so if I don't count in my own time required to install it. And I doubt I'll still be in the same apartment two years from now.

So it's not really worth doing anything right now. At least not until there's a bigger difference in electrical energy prices between day and night or smart grid becomes reality.

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