Replacing mouse button on an EeePC

02.12.2009 18:56

A couple of weeks ago the left button on the touch pad of my EeePC 901 stopped working. At first it only skipped a click now and then, but it soon became completely unusable. It appears that I'm not alone with this problem.

I took the laptop apart and it was immediately obvious that the SMD tactile switch wasn't making a contact when it should be.

SMD tactile switch on EeePC 901 (left mouse button)

The switch itself is pretty special, so it wasn't easy to find a replacement. It has a standard 6x6 mm footprint with gull-wing SMD connections, but a very low profile (the top of the button is only 3.1 mm above the circuit board). Plus, it has a fifth connection for grounding its metal case.

After some time consuming searching (where's that semantic web when you need one?), I found a perfect match: APEM DTSGZM-62N. However, it turned out to be impossible for me to get it in any reasonably low quantity.

The Diptronics DTSMW-66N, as pointed out by Carl on his blog, proved to be a satisfactory replacement and was available from the local electronics shop. This switch has the same outside dimensions as the original, except the button is concealed inside a raised edge. The 901 has an extra millimeter of space under the touch pad (unlike 701) and the button is pressed by a needle that fits inside the circumference, so the raised edge isn't a problem and no other modifications were necessary. This Diptronics switch doesn't have a grounding connection, but as far as I can see, this doesn't affect its operation or the operation of the capacitive touch pad above it.

DTSMW-66N as left mouse button on EeePC 901

When I replaced the switch, the left click still wasn't working. After some more extensive searching for further faults I found that I must have had accidentally broken a minute PCB trace running from the button's contact to a tiny SMD capacitor nearby. I did a quick fix by bridging the gap with a blob of solder (you can see it at the button's top right pad on the photo above).

Now the left click is finally working again. Although the replacement switch has the same rated operation force (1.6 N) as the original, the button now feels slightly softer.

I must say that by now I'm severely disappointed with the quality of buttons and switches I'm seeing lately. I had to fix 901's hot keys when the computer was brand new and I'll only mention my terrible experience with the Happy Hacking Keyboard.

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I am a distributor of electronic components and I see you were talking about a switch DTSGZM-62N-V can you tell me where you found said it was to large of a QTY for you but I am looking for larger qty...please e-mail me


Thanks for this guide! I recently had the same problem on my EeePC 1000. I couldn't find the tactile switch you linked to, but this one ( worked well.

Posted by Joseph Sturtevant

I just replace my mouse left button on one of my three ASUS EEE PC 901s. Aren’t 1000 the same inside? I had two with bad buttons now only one has a bad button. I had to buy 500 of them to get the right replacement part. So I have 499 left but I will need to keep a few for my self. You do need to be very careful in soldering and removing. I clipped out the old one, then cleaned the solder pads off with the iron once it was removed, then tined everything, then soldered the new button back in by just touching the button leads with the iron. The new button works and feels great with no modifications needed anywhere. Shoot me an email. I will sale you as many to you as you would like. We can use PayPal or what ever at $10 shipping and handling (that's for the pain in shipping and handling) and $1 each.


Where can I fine instructions on how to disassemble a 1000he so that I can get to the motherboard and change the mouse switches.

Posted by James Z

I have just replaced the mouse switches in my 1000H with using the switches from They work fine, but I would recommend to replace both switches even if only one is faulty, as the feeling is slightly different. The new one are a bit harder with a precise click.

Posted by Joerg Lange

I have had the same problem (mouse button) with my Eee pc701- yes I still use it for certain applications.
I decided to examine the switch as there is so little inside what can go wrong?

The metal cover can come off vertically and the button removed. the convex disc becomes concave when pressed by the button and touches the center contact. Taking this out revealed a black spot in the center which
is a buildup on some material stopping contact. It can be cleaned off and operation restored.
Possibly the switch can be left in the motherboard while this is done as long as the earth of the cover is unsoldered. I think that a lot of care is needed ! A new switch would be better but in a emergency!

This refers to a Eeepc bought in Australia and I do not know if the same buttons are used in other countries
or are the same as 901s etc

Posted by Jeff McDonald

Same problem with my 900. I want to see if my left switch is just dirty too. But it's not clear how you guys are getting into the switch itself without hurting it. Comment please?

I used Paddys Blog dismantling the EEE PC

In my case I did remove the switch from the motherboard -However

The switch I have has the metal cover wrapped around it with the sides clipping over ridges.when the earth connection is removed (clipped or unsolder-ed) the sides can be sprung with a jewelers screwdriver over the ridges.
This allows the cover to slide up away from the switch body.

Under the cover is the button which can be removed by tweezers and under that is the disk.I used a small magnet (a magnetized screwdriver) to remove it.Note which way it comes out and any dirt can be seen with a magnifying glass.

Make sure the disk goes back the right way as it will not work in reverse.
install the button to the right way round and slide the cover back on over the ridges.
It does not seem to be necessary to reattach the earth.

This is only for these types of switches as assembly may be different in other brands

Jeff McDonald

PS it has now been some time and the switch and Eee pc is working perfectly

Posted by Jeff McDonald

I successfully replaced the mouse button on my eee 901, but had to buy a number of switches (supplier had a minimum order quantity) so have several left over.

If anyone in the UK is interested in buying one or more of these I have several on eBay.


Hope this helps others with this problem!

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