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25.12.2009 18:04

The day before yesterday the ADSL modem connecting my server to the internet went belly up. I called the national ISP's technical support and was actually quite surprised when they quickly established that their modem is to blame (my previous experience was that they aggressively stick to the "reboot windows, check control panel settings" routine for all problems).

So yesterday a technician came and replaced the modem. is back on-line and I can read my mail again. However instead of the old vanilla modem he installed some fancy new thing that among other things can also work as an ADSL modem.

Sinope 568+

The new device is a Sinope 568+ from Iskratel. It literally includes everything plus a kitchen sink - a PPPoE client, DHCP, DNS servers, HTTP proxy with a built-in censorware (a.k.a. parental control), VOIP, ... and 802.11abg hardware. In other words, everything I don't need. And what's worse, it appears all these capabilities are potentially under the direct control of the benevolent (?) ISP. At least judging by the instruction manual that says that if you can't set something up you just call support and they set it up for you remotely.

Somehow I'm not exactly content with the idea that there's a wireless transceiver in the house that's not under my control. Now I'm playing with the idea to replace the antenna with a nice little 50Ω terminator.

The particular device I got was obviously second hand, because it was already set up with a wireless SSID "Kresho" and a password I didn't know. After some experimenting I found that factory settings can be restored by holding the reset button while power-cycling the modem.

UPS load after replacing old ADSL modem with Sinope 568+

All these useless features also come with a power price. My UPS load went up 15% after Sinope was installed. I guess that is considered progress these days.

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Hehe.. just use aluminum foil for protection:)) No terminators needed :)

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