901's belly button

04.12.2009 15:00

When I was replacing the left mouse button on my EeePC 901 the other day, I turned the motherboard around for the first time. Interestingly, there's a button there that doesn't seem to serve any purpose. It faces a solid plastic wall, so there's no way to get to it while the computer is in operation.

Button on the bottom side of the EeePC 901's motherboard

I wonder what's it for. Some kind of an alarm if the laptop's case was opened? But as far as I can see it doesn't get pressed when the case is assembled. Is it a vestigial reset button? Maybe the pinhole under it was scrapped as a cost-cutting measure.

It would be nice if Asus would include it as a spare mouse button, but unfortunately it has a completely different shape and size.

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It could be some kind of bios reset switch, underneath my warranty label there is a hole to access a switch for that purpose but I've never taken mine apart to look

Love your Blog. Please would you have any clue why the sound card would not be recognized? Mine appears to have stopped working and simply isn't recognised under Ubuntu (or any other OS).
That "Belly Button" wouldn't disconnect the sound section - would it?

Pierre, I have no idea. But I doubt that button has anything to do with it.

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