13.12.2009 22:44

Went to see 2012 yesterday. Not as bad as I expected. As far as omg, we're all going to die movies go, I would put it somewhere after The Core and before Sunshine. At least with Core I felt that the authors tried to be a bit humorous about the obvious scientific weak points in the plot (calling the material "unobtainium" for instance). 2012 doesn't have anything like that to cover for their abuse of neutrinos and alignment of the galactic core with our unfashionable little solar system.

There's full of breath-taking CG graphics, of course. For some reason the city scenes kept reminding me of an old Californication music video. Most of them are quite good actually, but there are some weird spots. Like the shockwave from the explosion in Yellowstone that bends large trees in the fashion of old atomic bomb test videos but leaves people standing. Also, I don't think that whoever devised the scene where the dome of St. Peter's in Rome rolls around had the basic understanding of how domes work and what holds them together.

I'm most impressed by the mobile telephony operators of 2012 - cell phones of the future appear to work anywhere and anytime. Even in a metal hull of an airplane or in a remote location that is in the process of being blown to pieces by a volcano. But few movies get this right (don't they use cellphones in Hollywood?)

Ships. I was kind of disappointed they weren't of the spacefaring kind. I guess space travel isn't fashionable these days. Or perhaps that would mean too much deviation from a biblical flood theme. The boy's name was Noah - can they be any more obvious?

It's funny that ships appeared to be diesel powered (there was that characteristic puff of black smoke when they started their engines). Not really something you would expect from a vessel that is designed to operate for more than a year without a port to refuel. I guess nuclear technology isn't fashionable either (especially if it's built by the Chinese) and you probably don't care about global warming at that point.

Last but not least, this is the kind of movie that does the "oh, the religion/ancient cultures/astrologists/etc. knew it all the time and we scientists didn't have a slightest idea" trick, which by itself excludes a movie from my favorites list.

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I got the same perception as you did. Is a full cristian-catholic manipulating movie, the same way as Knowing did for Scientology.
However, I did enjoy the animation and the CGI used, specially when california falls apart. Also, know that you mention nuclear technologies or satellite communication, how is that they never knew that Africa never sink... with today's communication, that was simply task to achieve.

Finally, I congratulate you for your blog, I've been reading it since couple of months, it shows many interesting stuff for amateur and professional electronics hobbist.

Greetings from the Dominican Republic

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