One more thing about HHK

08.10.2009 23:16

Actually, I wanted to add two more concluding notes to my saga about the Happy Hacking Keyboard.

First about the unreliable keys. Trimming the plastic leftovers from the molding process on the bottom of the keys and thoroughly cleaning the membranes only helped for the escape key. Cursor keys were still pretty unreliable, often failing to register keystrokes.

The final solution I found after disassembling the keyboard something like ten times and that has been holding for two weeks now are several strategically placed pieces of cardboard. These help to support the metal plate under the keys. My theory is that the plastic stubs that press it in place weren't manufactured precisely enough and the plate buckled somewhat, especially in the corner under the cursor keys. I guess tolerances are pretty tight if you want to make a reliable switch with such a membrane.

USB ports on the Happy Hacking Keyboard

Second thing I wanted to add is a comment about the usability of the built-in USB switch. I thought that together with the keyboard's small size it was a nice addition to reducing the clutter on the desktop. Well, the switch is pretty useless for any device that doesn't come with it's own USB extension cable. The connectors are recessed into the casing and the openings are narrow enough so that none of my USB keys can be used with them.

Finally, considering my experience with this Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite2, I can firmly say that I don't recommend buying it. It appears however that some are happy with it - see for example Unr3a1's comments on my first post.

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