Paper towel DRM

20.01.2009 16:15

Just when I thought that the practice of intentionally breaking product functionality (i.e. DRM) stops at audio and video recording equipment and shoes, I stumble upon this EULA-like sticker hidden inside the paper towel dispenser at Zemanta headquarters:

American paper towel DRM

Not surprisingly, the dispenser will not dispense your ordinary roll of towels as the roll center needs to be shaped in a special way to fit in the holder. And of course, it could also be easily modified to fix this shortcoming (that's where the Georgia Pacific's legal threat comes in).

I'm sure there's a lively dispenser modding community out there distributing pirated towel rolls for free.

Seriously, must really every product nowadays bear some silly, unenforceable restrictions for its user?

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No ja... pa tud spelling jim ne gre :) ("yuor")

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