25C3, day 2

29.12.2008 15:36

Here's a couple of random shots around the congress:

OLPC as a jukebox

This OLPC XO-1 is hanging in the hall, playing music from a playlist that anyone can modify.

Is watching you

A friendly reminder that the German Ministry of Interior is watching you (you can buy this guy's fingerprint molded in plastic on the base floor).


There's always a crowd around when these things are buzzing around the corridors (and occasionally going out of control and crashing into the said crowd).


A lot is going on around open firmware for various things. OpenWRT guys have this nice board in the Hackcenter.

Soviet Unterzogersdorf presentation

And this was the presentation of the Soviet Underzögersdorf adventure game by Monochrom. Together with revolutionary Soviet music, narration in Russian, security guys in black with sunglasses occasionally arresting random people from the audience and a read waving flag in the background. Oh, and a bunch of beta-test candidates had to prove themselves by doing pushups and making up revolutionary slogans on the stage.

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so ... you streamed the music straight from an internet radio stream ?

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