Serial numbers 001, 002

27.03.2008 21:04

So, this is the device that employs the circuit boards I've been writing about lately:

Binary clocks

(Click to watch Binary clocks video)

(click here if you can't see embedded video)

From the electronic standpoint it's a pretty ordinary clock with a quartz oscillator for the time base. The digital part is composed of standard LSI and MSI chips from the 74HC family. There's also a small back up NiMH battery (the kind you sometimes see on computer motherboards) so that you don't need to set the time every fortnight when the distribution company decides to cut your power.

What makes it stand out a bit is the fact that the time is displayed as a binary-coded decimal in 24-hour format. That's not a new idea of course.

Well, what does make it special is that it's a limited edition, with exposed circuitry and a nice, heavy wooden stand.

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