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02.12.2007 16:26

I'm a big fan of NanoBlogger. I used it to make a number of web sites - from tablix.org and the blog you're currently reading to OpenOffice.org conference site and Society of cultural studies.

You might also have heard about Zemanta's Suggest system. Among other things it makes blogging easier by automatically adding explanatory in-text links, stock photographs, keywords and links to related articles to your blog posts. It's currently being tested and will be available soon for popular blogging platforms like Wordpress and Blogger.

Since I'm one of the developers of Zemanta Suggest and I want to use the system on my blog (eat your own dog food and all that), I made a NanoBlogger plug-in for it. It's written in Bash and Perl and communicates with the system via JSON. It supports all features of the system and is fully configurable. For example I'm only currently using it for in-text links because I think other additions don't fit on my type of blog.

Here's how an ordinary blog post looks on a vanilla installation of NanoBlogger:

Plain NanoBlogger

And here is the same blog post with the plug-in installed and with all features turned on:

Full glory of Zemanta NanoBlogger

This is how it looks behind the curtains (i.e. the user interface when you are writing a new blog post). Note the perfect integration into NanoBlogger user experience:

It makes our usability expert cry

Anyway, if you want to try it out, drop me a mail (I can't just put it up for download because you need an API key). Installation is easy - you just drop two files into NanoBlogger's plugin directory.

Update: coworker unfamiliar with NanoBlogger said I should give a before-after comparison.

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I dropped you an email, hoping to get this plugin, thanks

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