Wireless A/V receiver

23.12.2007 0:13

Here's another cute board I could lay my hands on today:



This is a 2.4 GHz analog audio/video receiver that connects to a USB 2.0 port (model GP-722, manufacturer unknown). It receives a color video signal from up to four little battery-powered cameras (you know, the kind you see in spy movies or the kind you might put inside a model airplane).

Unfortunately it doesn't work yet under Linux. It uses a Trident TM5600 encoder/USB interface chip, which is a cheaper variant of TM6000. That one seems to have some support under Linux. Maybe I will actually be able to use it after some hacking.

Update: Since a lot of people are looking for it, I've dug out the original driver CD for this hardware and put its contents on-line.

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Hello Tomaž,

nice Site! I am from germany and i want to buy also this usb-receiver. I cant find the technical info about the framerate :-( Other products are limited like 640x480 @ 30 fps. Do you have the infos about the videoresolution and the framerate of the GP-722?

Thanking you in advance

I think the GP-722 is the same like ZT-721.
U can see the picture of ZT-721 at

So u can find the linux-driver at

...sorry for my bad english



GP-722 works with PAL internally - I'm not sure whether the video is transmitted in analogue or digital form, but it is definitely converted to PAL somewhere, since the connection with the computer is an analogue TV tuner chip. So the resolution and FPS are limited by that - you're not going to get more than 720x576 @ 25 fps. The manual also states that the camera sensor has PAL resolution.

I don't think ZT-721 is the same as GP-722 - the page you mention says that it uses NT1003 or NT1004 chipset. GP-722 uses TM5600.

Posted by Tomaž

Hello, I've found your webside and I would like ask you for your help. I've bought this reciever with mini camera on eBay. I've receipt also CD with the software (K!TV) and some drivers, but it doesn't work with Win Vista, I have. I've also tried to run it on WinXP. It worked, but only in B&W and the picture qulity was really poor. Could plese help and advice VIsta driver and any working software? I would wery appreciate your help. You can contatc me wia e-mail (libor.plistak@centrum.cz) Thank you very much.

Sorry, I have no idea about Vista driver.

The original software for Windows XP worked correctly in my case - I got color video of reasonable quality on screen. I haven't tried recording it or anything.

The video quality did degrade with distance from the camera to receiver. Try charging the camera battery. I do remember that the reception was better with a full battery.

Posted by Tomaž

Hi Tomaz

do you have any link to download xp driver.
I've lost the mini-cd delivered with ZT-721 and i'm unable to find it on the web
thanx in advance and regards

Hi, I`m also looking for the xp driver for ZT-721 wireless reviever. Can`t find any support on the web.

Posted by Rav

Hi, I have the software of a similar R-723 product also on a mini-cd.
You can mail me at baenen%dry-reeds.com (replace % by @)

I also I send some of you who show their e-mail address an e-mail, in case you don't visit this page any more. Hope you don't mind.

Posted by Maurice

hey guys, i bought some 2.4 ghz camera with a gp-722 usb receiver.... it works with win XP but i am running on mac now.... do anyone know how i could get video on my mac... any drivers.... i try securityspy, the videoglide capture programs too but nothing seems to work.... anybdy has got an idea ??? looks like something like that

Posted by Jay

Jay, that grey one looks exactly like the one I have: GP-723. I noticed that in the pdf at the right is called 722 and at the small picture at the left 723.
Also at the site it says "Complete with Intervideo® DVR software" and the picture shows "Camguard". Sorry, I don't have a Mac.

Hi all!
I have a ZT-721 Receiver but i don't have the miniCD with driver for XP.
I download a Zoran USB TV! Pro Driver but don't work the Audio!!
Unique program that support audio is VirtualDub enabling a Playback audio and setup the "0 Capture Device" driver for Audio device. All other program not found audio with Zoran Driver!
If you have the original driver for ZT-721 or GP-722, please send me from e-mail: info%stefanorussello.it (substitute % with @)
Very very very Thanks in advance!!


I have one of these. It stopped working after about two weeks. The camera still transmits something because my wireless internet gets interrupted whenever I plug in the camera, but I get no picture. The software wont even recognize the device. I would be happpy to email you drivers as an attachment if that's even possible.?? -Mike

Nevermind. I can't find my cd now either.


Great!! Please send me the driver!!
Very Thanks in advance!! ;)

i need also an driver for vista 64 Bit.
can me anybody send the driver?


Could someone please upload the ZT-721 driver to make it available online? I was surprised to find that it was not available anywhere on the 'net. If someone could email it to me, I would be happy to make it publicly available to others.



boo hoo hoo ... also don't have xp drivers for this trident tm5600 chipset based tv tuner card. the cd that has the drivers is damaged :(

Posted by jason

You guys have the driver minicd for the ZT-721 or GP-722?
Please send me an attached mail with those drivers.

Use this mail: tl%closeenough.se (@)

Posted by NightBowl

Thanks Thomas!! I have been searching for a long time to find the drivers

Posted by Loukas

CORRECTION: Thanks NightBowl !! I have been searching for a long time to find the drivers

Posted by Loukas

Does anyone know if it's possible to use these receivers with the free Dorgem software?


It does show the Tridvid Capture as device, but can not select the Webcam.
Maybe it's because Windows doesn't see it as a webcam. Is there a way to solve this?

Posted by Maurice


I've also one of these GP-722 wireless and a few cameras, working almost fine.
I say almost, because the image I see on the PC is always kinda flashing... :(

Any of you observe this behavior too?
Have you found how to fix it?
Tried to switch of the wireless lan router (which doesn't work anyway with a wireless camera emitting nearby), but it doesn't improve a bit!

BTW, I'm using GP-811T cameras (daylight camera), but it loses the color during the day when luminosity is quite high.
I'd say it works fine for the interiors with fluorescent lights.
And you? Do you observe the same effects?

Posted by Fernando

Sorry, did settings did meanwhile changed to NTSC without notice.
Is now Ok, with PAL_D

Posted by Fernando Correia
Posted by Triton

I got a spy camera and a reciever (gp-722) and i got a program called Windvr it works ok on windows but i got a laptop as is a mac can i get any program / driver or what ever it is called for my mac so i can watch what my camera is filming?

can sombody give me the driver for gp-722 for vista
thanks in advance

Please I need the driver for wireless camera USB model 721 I need please mi mail is brunopiru24@hotmail.com

Installation CD for GP723

Posted by Thomas

Hi Guys,

I have recently downloaded the latest Camguard Home Edition and I cannot get the audio to work. Previous editions worked perfectly and I wish that I had not updated to the latest edition. If I change the device I can get the audio, but the video will not record - a message appears saying "Cannot enable record" If I change the device back, the video records but not the audio.

I have tried to download the new edition again, but it wont install. A message box appears telling "An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file. DeleteFile failed code 5 Access is denied.

I have a ZTV 721 2.4GHz wireless receiver and one camera. I have lost the mini disk that came with the receiver and I want to make sure that everything is still in order. Could someone email it to me please? Alternatively, could someone email me a previous version of Camguard that works for them?

Any help with getting it working again would be very much appreciated.


Well, I found the disk and managed to get rid of a bug in my PC that was stopping Camguard Home Edition from downloading and I now have video and audio; however, I am unable to record. I still get the message "Cannot enable record" but if I switch the device via the Camguard option button, I can record video but no audio.

Has anyone experienced this and is there a fix?

Thanks in advance,


Have an R-723 USB receiver (probably a similar model to GP-723) but can't find any 64-bit drivers (for Vista or Windows7). Anyone come across these or know of a hack?

Posted by James

i use gp-811t camera but when ever its connected it interfere to thw wirless router some how and i can't connect any of the computers on the network to get online even thow the sinal is good
i'l appreciate any help

Posted by yossim


I have a wireless camera kit with R-723 USB-receiver.
But I discovered it just wasn't compatible with Windows Vista.
So I went looking on the interwebz and I discovered this link with Windows Vista drivers:
It works, but I don't know how to use motion detector etc.
Some help pls?

Yellow Fellows

email: kaiyinyuen#hotmail.com

Posted by yellowfellow

Hi Guys,

i have already bought a wirless usb 2.0 receiver kit with the gp-722 receiver. i have also an driver on the installation cd. but i have a problem, i use win xp and when i will install the driver he told me he can't find the acpinfo.ax file. can someboy help me with this problem or can somebody tell me where i can find the dirver.

Hello, I have the received ZT-721, I already have the driver, but only work under windows xp, I need the driver of ZT-721 to windows Vista, please send me by email: andreluispassos@gmail.com or post the link to download
Many Thanks

hello I Have an R-723 USB receiver but can't find any 64-bit drivers for Vista.

Please send me an attached mail with that driver.

also i have this gp-722 device and lost the mini-cd.
When i download from your link the 3 files for XP i cannot get it running.
Can you send me the content of original CD or make a link available?

thanks a lot!

Hello! Do you have a driver for GP-722 for Windows7?

Thank you!

Hello all

For me the same problem cd is old and i can not read it any more.
So drivers wanted for Windows XP and for future Windows 7.

Can anybody help me please ?

Posted by Eric

hello all i have a ZT-723 and i need drivers for windows 7 32 bit can u please mail me at: _uhy_@live.se ThX

Posted by Krimuz

Hy, i have a R-723 reciever, bur i don' have the right driver for Windows Vista.
i have dowloaded everything, but it's not working
can you guys send me a link where i can download de driver?

Need help.
Anyone who can post the ZT-723 drivers for windows 7?

Posted by Johan

I have a GP-722 and the computer does not recognize it.
Can we please driver, or driver.?
You can email im7770@gmail.com

Need a driver for gp-722 for windows 7. please, help/

Hay guys, can you help? I have a R-723 receiver, but cannot find the drivers for Windows 7. You would be my hero if you can help!

Hi, I am having real issues with the gp-722 on my p.c. I am running windows 7 ultimate in 64bit and cant get any drivers to work.I have tried using the xp and win 2000 drivers in compatability mode but nothing i have tried has worked. I have a wireless ni9htstalker camera with lights and movement sensor to follow. It is a great camera night and day and colour pictures in both conditions. I get a superb picture when i connect to a monitor but i really need a driver to run intervideo windvr to enable me to record the footage. Please help in any way someone. Please either post a link or send me an email with drivers and/or instructions on a method that works. I have a disc that has all components on it for windvr on both xp service pack 2 and win2000 service pack 4!!!!!!! If this is of use to you then send me an email and ill happily provide a copy.
Many thanks in anticipation of any help that is forthcoming. you will be my hero/heroine

Same here: GP-722: it works on windows7 32bit but it doesn't work on windows7 64 bit :(

Anyone found a solution?

My email is zibree AT gmail

The driver for gp-722 for windows 7 ultimate 64bit too is necessary to me, at me is the driver for XP and Vista 32 and 64. I ask to help that is necessary write ennas2010@mail.ru.

By the way I can put the driver from Vista on windows 7 ultimate 64bit, but WinDVR works not correctly. Write.

Hello all,

I have also the same Wireless AV receiver like this,may I know how to install it on Win7... I've intalled the WINDVR on win7 but no device detechted...

Please Help!!!

Posted by leo

I have the R-723 2.4GHz A/V Receiver and I have the original USB Driver disc and of course the driver is not being detected by Windows 7 64-bit. Has anyone had any luck? I might try this, but I doubt it will work http://kgbcameras.co.uk/cameras/E-2418%20USB2.0%20Windows%20vista.zip

Need help.
Anyone who can post the ZT-723 drivers for windows 7?
regards, jontekex@hotmail.com

hey forum...

i also have problems whit the driver for my gp-722. i am running vindows 7 64bit... please writhe to me if somone have a solution for this OS...

just email me og writhe inhere plzzz

Hi I bought recently one of this receiver with a wireless webcam for my laptop, when I connect it sometimes I see the security webcam of the shop in front of my house using the channel configured for my webcam, I was wondering if they can see also my webcam, I mean... for privacy reason I will not use it anymore, can you please advise?
And what is the blue little box in the back with the option M and L for the channels (picture 1), thanks for your help

Posted by Luca

hallo. Is there someone who can send me driver software for my GP-723 USB RECEIVER.


I also have an R-723 2.4 GHz A/V Receiver.

OS is W7 32 bit

Problem is that the included CD is broken.

Can someone please help me ? I can't find a link to the support site ... it's frustrating. Please advice, I would appreciate it enormously.

Best Regards,


Hey engineers..

are u alive? :D
I'm posted from 2020..

Someone have drivers for R-723 ? win 10 x64 'll be the best option :P

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