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15.12.2007 17:42

This post is a few days late due to combined effects of broken internet connection at our hotel in Paris and an Unicode bug in JSON.pm version 1.00 (don't ask...). Anyway, here are a few words about Le Web 3.0, fourth edition which took place in Paris between 11 and 12 December.

Plenary dock

In one sentence it was the most professionally organized conference I've ever been to. All talks and panels I've seen were flawlessly executed with the help of some really great moderators. Video support was also impressive - there was a dedicated team of cameramen that continuously followed speakers on the stage from several angles and a producer mixed their live video streams with slides on three big projector screens. Together with lighting and music backgrounds the result was like no conference I've ever seen. Really, on some of the more spectacular talks I had a feeling I was watching a studio recording of a TV show (which isn't that weird considering that the conference was held in three large TV studios).

Wireless support worked perfectly, which is also impressive (for me at least - Andraž had some problems demonstrating Zemanta's demo on his laptop). Actually this is one of the few conferences where I was able to randomly open my laptop and check the mail.

I've listened to so many interesting talks that it's hard to point out any specific one. There were a lot of well-known speakers (like Doc Searls, June Cohen from TED, professor Karlheinz Brandenburg from Fraunhofer Society). There were only a few strictly technical talks. A lot were business oriented, with investors giving advices for new startups or explaining their views on new technologies. There was a lot of panels, with guests discussing their opinions on this or that part of the internet culture.

June Cohen at Le Web 3.0

June Cohen from TED

All in all I have a feeling I learned a lot of things here. Not so much in the technical sense, but how internet businesses work, how they manage to attract people with their services, what is interesting to the public and what not, etc. Social networks, various internet and mobile services and all those things which I obviously barely knew before I started working for Zemanta.

Zemanta's presentation at Le Web 3.0

Andraž doing a presentation for Zemanta

It was also inspiring - everyone I talked to at the end had a couple of ideas about what internet service they could make. There were moments when I couldn't stop myself thinking about the video Here comes the bubble and how well it describes some things.

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