gEDA application icons

17.12.2007 20:31

I just finished the new collection of Tango-style application icons for the gEDA suite. Who says that professional software can't also look nice?

Gerbv 48x48 Gerbv 22x22 Gerbv 16x16

gschem 48x48 gschem 22x22 gschem 16x16

PCB 48x48 PCB 22x22 PCB 16x16

xgsch2pcb 48x48 xgsch2pcb 22x22 xgsch2pcb 16x16

Actually a lot of credit for these icons could go to Wikipedia contributors. If they wouldn't make the English Wikipedia so large, I wouldn't have time to play with such things.

On a more serious note, these icons go nicely with MIME-type icons I made previously. They are available under the GPL license - from what I gathered content under Creative Commons can't be included with gEDA source distribution for some reason. You can download scalable versions here.

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