Grass cutter

04.11.2007 15:59

Remember Advanced Lawnmower Simulator? It was a simple and boring game for the Sinclair Spectrum where you had to push your lawnmower over a field. It was also an elaborate hoax performed by the editors of the Your Spectrum magazine.

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator

This is what it used to look like in the 80s.

Now it seems that some people did have some fun with it after all. There appears to be a remake built into a £30 50-games-in-one hand-held console called Gamespower 50. They also enhanced the graphics a bit:

Grass Cutter

However it still appears to be as simple and boring as the original. There's a review you can see at YouTube (Dr. Ashen talks about the Grass Cutter around 4:00 into the video).

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