Weird priorities

09.10.2007 12:49

The English have some weird priorities regarding household safety.

On one side they seem absolutely paranoid about everything dealing with electricity. I've seen this last year in Lancaster as well as now in London. Every wall plug has a dedicated switch. Larger electrical appliances, like our electric oven for example, have an additional big switch on the wall with a red warning light. Everything, from extension cords to simple continental-to-UK plug adapters has its own fuse. At Lancaster University everything that had even a remote connection with electricity, from computers, toasters to extension cords and cables, had to be periodically checked, sealed and signed by an authorized electrician.

On the other side gas stove in our house in London doesn't have safety valves that turn off automatically if the flame goes off to prevent gas building up in the room. I also don't see anywhere a clearly marked gas shut-off valve (the kind you usually see in Slovenia where houses are connected to city gas lines). Quite unbelievable. You definitely don't want to get electrocuted, but a gas explosion can take down the house.

I have this feeling that electricity is still regarded as something new, unknown and dangerous while domestic gas has been used for centuries and is a well known, tamed beast.

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