PCB coasters

11.10.2007 20:00

PCB coaster

I bought a couple of coasters like this yesterday at Science Museum. They claim that they are made from recycled printed circuit boards.

From a close look they appear to be made out of a double-sided 6-layer PCB. I doubt that it is recycled though. You can see the gold colored metallization on SMD pads that would be covered if the pads ever had any solder on them. It is more likely that the material came from some stock of obsolete boards that were never assembled.

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That it was never populated with parts does not mean its not "recycled".
In PCB mass production, especially in multilayer stack boards you need tight controll on the layer positioning.
Thats why on more then 2 layers the pcb will be xrayed for correct positioning.
Also there can be issues with silk screen, gold plating, over or under etching.

If this is out of spec, the board, so not populated, is waste.

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