Gimping Galaksija

07.10.2007 13:24

Some time ago (probably while I was waiting to get my thesis approved) I didn't have anything better to do and I played with printed circuit board masks for Galaksija motherboard and GIMP. I just found these two images again today when I did some hard disk clean-up

This is how a professionally created Galaksija PCB would look like, with green solder mask, white silk layer print and gold plated contacts. I got the idea for doing this from a post on gEDA mailing list. Maybe I'll eventually hack up a GIMP script that will do this automatically from a PCB file. A picture like this is useful to do a last sanity check on a board before sending it to the manufacturer.

This one is a bit weirder and shows how a motherboard would look like on a x-ray machine.

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