FOWA 2007

04.10.2007 22:20

I visited the Future of web applications conference today. Zemanta has a little booth there right behind the registration desk. It's funny to think that it's in as exposed place as Adobe booth next door, which is one of the main sponsors of the conference.

Entrance to the conference center

Zemanta booth

The rest

After listening to talks about such and such planned social networking sites I have mixed feelings. I myself would just not be comfortable with giving away that much personal information (or even ability to track my location at any moment!) to some business.

It's interesting that people get really angry when some government wants to introduce some technology that would in theory enable tracking of people, but on the other hand they happily volunteer to be tracked by some commercial web site.

One notable project that caught my eye was It's a site that tracks what software you use and what software people you know use and then recommends you what software may be useful to you. Again you're sending scary personal information somewhere on the net but seeing how many useful little applications I found in these 3 days working with other guys from Zemanta I see why it could be useful.

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