z80dasm 1.1.0

17.09.2007 22:43

A few days ago I uploaded version 1.1.0 of z80dasm. Here are a few bits from the changelog:

Rewritten symbol table routines. Replaced old symbol table from dz80 that used statically allocated strings with some more modern code. Better comments in the symbol file regarding where and how a particular symbol is used is a nice side effect of this.

Support for input symbol files. You can now give the disassembler knowledge about known symbol values (constants, function locations, etc.) in the form of a standard Z80 assembler symbol file.

Support for splitting binary file into data and code blocks. Along with the symbol file you can also now give z80dasm a description of data and code sections in the binary file you're working on. It will then write data sections with "defb" or "defw" directives in the assembly file instead of disassembling them.

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