Vacuum tube collection

04.09.2007 22:33

Some time ago I found a box full of old vacuum tubes in my grandparent's cellar. Today I finally got to photograph and catalog them.

OMG it's full of tubes!

It looks like a loose collection of tubes gathered from TV (there are quite a lot PL 36 for example) and radio receivers. I'm told some of them were also used by my dad for high school and university projects.

I have not yet managed to identify all of them. Some markings on the glass became very fragile and can be easily destroyed by touching them so it's not surprising that a lot of them have disappeared with time. I can also only guess at their age and state. Some look like they haven't been used yet and at least one (RV2 P800 has "Wehrmacht" printed on it) appears to be from the second world war.

I would be very grateful if anyone can provide information that is missing below the pictures. Please drop me a mail. Thanks.

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The smallest tube apears to be either a 6AV6 or a 12AV6

Posted by Boris

I use to own several large boxes of used vacuum tubes from the 60's and 70's. They were from TV's and radios that I worked on. There was something magical about them the way they glowed in the darkness.

Look at Most of the time if you can get a number off of the tube you can identify it there. Note that some old tubes are valuable and if you search for them on eBay you can get an idea of which ones sell for the most.

There are a lot of cool ways to display your collection, too. Good luck!

Posted by John

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