05.09.2007 17:30

Yesterday I watched the BBC documentary Tetris: from Russia with love.

It was the first documentary in a long time that I enjoyed watching on TV. In constract with things that are called documentaries today it has more than 5 minutes of actual content, tells an interesting story and the narrator doesn't sound like he's commenting on a football game. Seriously, I don't know how anyone can stand watching an entire 1 hour show on Discovery or National Geographic channels when you see all original footage in the first 5 minutes and the narrator just repeats over and over again how this or that is awesome and/or extremely dangerous.

There are two things though that I missed though: I don't know if that was the fault of Slovenian broadcaster removing the original overlays, but when someone is talking to the camera I'm used to seeing his name printed somewhere on the screen. Only at the middle of the movie I connected all the faces with their names.

They could also be a bit more specific about technical details... What was that russian computer called on which the first version of Tetris ran? I'm quite sure I saw a screenshot of Sinclair Spectrum version of Tetris for a moment there, but all hardware was described only as "computers" or "consoles", not with specific names (except for Gameboy I guess).

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