HDD silencer and temperature

14.09.2007 10:59

Sometime ago I mounted the disk drive in my server on Cooltek rubber mounts. The hard disk was the loudest part after I installed a silent power supply and my CPU fan regulator.

Previously the heat was conducted away from the disk through contact with the metal case but that isn't possible now since there are two centimeters of rubber separating them. So the only way left is by air convection which is less efficient. To see just how much effect this would have on the drive temperature, I started monitoring drive temperature with SMART a few days before I installed the rubber mounts.

This is the temperature graph before:

and after the modification:

The spike on both graphs is when I stressed the disk for 3 hours using a tar command in an infinite loop.

You can see that the rubber mounts caused at least 4°C temperature increase. I believe 44°C is already a bit high (at least according to this Google paper) and it's was quite cold these days. According to SMART this disk already got as hot as 43°C sometime in the past when it was still screwed directly to the case.

I'll keep monitoring the temperature but I'm afraid this isn't going to work well in the summer.

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