Galaksija genuine advantage

22.09.2007 20:36

There's a lot of Galaksija emulators out there. First there's one for DOS and Windows. Then you have one for ZX Spectrum and now also for SAM Coupé.

So how can you, as a simple user, be sure that you're getting the real 1980s Galaksija experience instead of some emulator of a questionable origin? Well, fear no more: Galaksija genuine advantage software will tell you exactly what kind of machine is behind the display you are looking at:

It's fake. Go get your money back!

On a more serious note. It's amazing that Galaksija can be emulated so well on another machine of its class (same CPU with similar clock frequency), but it isn't that hard tell apart emulator from the real thing.

This diagnostic program just looks at properties of different sections of Z80 address space. CNST means that you get consistent values from it, suggesting there is something attached to the bus at that address and MMRY means that it can remember a value that was previously written to it (like RAM for example). Emulators also patch some bytes in ROM, so a check sum is calculated and compared to a known value.

Update: Here's how it looks when it runs on an emulator:


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