08.09.2007 20:56

Yesterday I went to Frisk, a "festival of computer science and modern communication" in Murska Sobota. Here are a few impressions:


This is the main hall - it was raining outside so people were gathering here instead of the open atrium that seemed to be prepared as a center of the event. Plus you could play some more and some less modern games here (there was one old PC and one Commodore 64 available).

At the back wall there was one Wii (left, surrounded by a loud crowd that was obviously having lots of fun) and one Playstation (right, with two guys nervously playing a FPS). The situation reminded me of a certain xkcd comic.

There was a talk about Apple on the schedule with an interesting title but boring contents (item by item description of their product line). Never thought I would see a room of people watching Apple "Hi, I'm a Mac" commercials on the big screen.

Last but not least there was an exhibition of old computers (some of which were from Cyberpipe's computer museum). It was the best part of the festival in my opinion, but not much I haven't seen before.

In the end I can say that it wasn't worth spending 8 hours on a train to get there (average speed was an amazing 40 km/h - hey at least nothing broke down). I did plan to make a short trip around Murska Sobota besides visiting Frisk, but the weather made that more or less impossible.

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