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13.07.2007 17:33

Here's some assorted information about Sony RDR-HX710 DVD/hard disk recorder (because I like spoiling business for people that are selling trivial information like this on various forums for 10$ apiece):

  • To get into the service menu, turn the recorder off, simultaneously press REC, REC PAUSE and REC STOP on the front panel and while they are pressed turn the recorder back on with the ON/OFF button. You can then use the remote to navigate the service menus.
  • MIP3E7MY integrated circuit in the power supply can be replaced with MIP3E3SMY without any obvious side-effects. This is however only based on experimentation. I couldn't find datasheets for the original chip, so this replacement may not work to specifications. YMMV (by the way, while this looks like a transistor it really contains complete power supply control electronics and a high-voltage power MOSFET).
  • When removing the power supply from the case, be very careful and only touch it along the edges. When it's out, take a resistor and discharge all the big capacitors on it (even if you think those capacitors are already empty). Unless of course you would like to sport a couple of new burn marks on your hands. Fun fact: there are places on the circuit board for bleeder resistors, but they are empty. I guess marketing department won an argument there (this reminds me of a certain domestic computer).
  • Hard disk is a normal 160 GB Seagate with IDE interface. No partitions and no easily recognizable video streams.
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Thank you for information how to get service menu.
Please answer on this question (you may send it to my mail if you want):
I have rdr-hx710 and problem with dvd recorder on it. Problem exists over 2 years (frankly, I don´t even remember when I have last time make transfer from HDD to DVD)...every burning process stop without any explanation...I have tried to clean laser change...eventualy I have give up...but now I have some family camcoder movies I need to transfer it to DVD or PC.

Is it possible to take out HDD from it`s case and connect it to PC`s thorough IDE cabel and transfer movie to PCs HDD?

Thank you in advance!

Posted by igor

Hi Igor,

There's a normal IDE (parallel ATA) 3.5" hard disk in there, so it should be possible to connect it to a PC. But I have never done this and I have no idea what format is used to save videos or what filesystem is on the disk. If you're lucky it's something standard, like raw MPEG-2 streams on FAT.

I really don't know what could be the cause of your recording problems. Have you checked the service menu for any hints, failed diagnostics, etc... If you can play DVDs then it's probably not the lens. Have you tried different media (DVD-R, DVD+R, etc.)? If you have the model with Firewire support you might try to get videos off the recorder that way.

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Hi Igor, I'm afraid you won't get anything from connecting the hard disk to your PC. I did some time ago and Windows did not recognise any partition.

BTW I'm very interested over one question regarding HDD from this Sony RDR-HX710 Recorder. We know it's a Seagate IDE 160 Gb drive, that if we wanted we could plug into a PC, format and use it for other purposes. But before doing that, I wanted to be sure I could put another 160 Gb drive back to the recorder, from other brand, higher capacity, simply any other possibility that didnt imply to put back its original HD.

My surprise and dissapointment has been big when I discovered that not only the recorder doesn't accept smaller drives, but also it won't setup correctly another 160Gb from other brand. My last test was plugging a Maxtor IDE 160 Gb, from the service Menu I can initialize it, format, write Serial ID to the recorder setup, but then when reseting the recorder to normal running, it will show the usual " HDD ERROR"

Before getting this Maxtor 160Gb I did tests with smaller drives, from 80 Gb 3,5" IDE too, obviously the same unsuccesful result.

If anyone knows any information regarding this issue, please let me (us) know. It seems Sony blocked the recorder to use exclusively Seagate 160 units :(


wow guys, I'm back just minutes after .. I have to correct myself (for my glorious happiness LOL) because doing more search I found a forum where I read a key tip.

It was as stupid as doing the "writing ID and format" commands 2 times. One a time, rebooting, and then repeat procedure.
Not only runs with other brands of 160 Gb, but also other smaller HDs! My recorder is right now working with and old 40 Gb hard disk :D

Sad I downgraded this jewell to 40 Gb capacity, but so I can make worth the value of a 160Gb in my PC.

there was the key, hopefully others with same projects will find this blog or that forum


Posted by Sergio

hi, the section "MIP3E7MY" was very useful me. I get a dead HX710. After I opened the chassis I saw that the power supply smoked out. When looked closer than I saw the MIP3E7MY is totally destroyed (exploded). On the primar site if found all other passive part are ok (I used just multimeter). Now, I replaced the "MIP3E7MY" to "MIP3E3SMY" but the power supply still not work. Could you write me some suggestion or do you have a description or wiring diagram (with voltage levels) about this power supply?
Thank you in advance!

Posted by Peter

Sorry Peter, I have no documentation about this power supply beyond what's written above.

Posted by Tomaž

Never mind! Your blog is great! Thank you!

Posted by peter

I have had a similar model Sony RDR-HX715 160GB. The hard drive generally has worked well for years, but it slowly has had more and more difficulty with writing to DVD.
Other blogs and help sites indicate a couple of things:
The Sony DVD writers are not very high quality, so they wear out eventually.
These are proprietary DVD writers, so (1) there is no easy replacement,
and (2) Sony didn't make enough, so they will not service these units.
(I tried to get help from Sony, but they declined to help).
My techie brother checked in mine, and confirmed that it was apparently
proprietary and unreplaceable with any normal DVD reader/writer.

When I try to copy from the Hard Drive to the DVD, about half the time it says "disk dirty", which really means that it can't write to the disk. Also it was able to write on most every disk to begin with, now I am lucky to get it write on 1 out of 3. I played with R+ and R- and can get it to write about 30% to 50% of the DVD each time,
but if I try to write more, it crashes the write attempt and trashes the disk. So I resort to writing as little as possible.

If anyone has a relatively new HX715 or HX710 where the hard drive failed early, I would be interested in buying it so I can cannabalize the DVD reader/writer.

Posted by J E C

Same problem with DVD write on HX-710. Tried lens cleaner, it helps sometimes, not always. Also tried booting the deck by taking the mains cable off. Helps sometimes. Still says "Disc dirty" most of the times. Actually, I succeeded to write the odd disc again after "dirty" message appeared, so the discs should be ok even if they are "dirty". But it seems to me there is something wrong with the writer. Too bad they don't have spares.

Posted by Kari

I've had mine for so long, I don't recall how old it is. For many years I've also had the "disc is dirty" message. But it still burns to DVD+RW discs (I've used Sony and Verbatim) which I then copy to a DVD-R on a computer. It's a workaround, but I don't use it that often anymore, so I haven't bothered replacing it as long as it works.

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Hi I have a sony dvd recorder hx910.
I inadvertantly was in settings and turned the component to "off" and now I cannot get my recorder on my monitor.
I have tried using remote to go to system menu but nothing comes up on screen. Just searching for signal.
Can someone please help so I can get in to change component back to "on".

Kind regards

I have a Sony RDR-HX710 which provided excenelt service until the digital change over. The unit obviously has an analog tuner and would now appear to be redundant. It there some way by which it can be converted as I am loath to chuck away what was a perfectly good hard disc recorder.

Ian, as far as I know the only option is to buy a separate DVB-T tuner and connect it to one of the analogue video inputs on the RDR-HX710. However then you have to set the channel manually on the tuner which makes timers on RDR-HX710 a lot less useful.

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Thanks to info on this site, (and help from some other sites), I was able to replace HDD in a Sony RDR HX510. I replaced my Seagate 80GB IDE with another Seagate 80GB.
To see Service menu on TV screen, regular Scart won’t do. It only works with Line 2 Out from Sony RDR HX510. I had a 4-pin S-VHS cable and got an adapter (p/n 3sr3v - Scart to 3 RCA Phono + SVHS converter) on eBay, so plugged one end of 4 pin into Line 2 Out and the other end into the adapter. Adapter selector set to Input and plugged that into Scart connector on TV.

Service menu
When HDD error was displayed, I powered off with on/off button. Unit goes off and kind of on again (welcome appears in display) so simultaneously press REC, REC PAUSE and REC STOP on the front panel and hold for 10 or more seconds and Service Menu appears on screen.
You can navigate menu using remote (make sure Command Mode on remote is set to 3)
Press 9 for HDD menu
I did Format (pressing 4 and then Enter) and then Write ID (pressing 3 and then Enter) and rebooted, but got 'HDD error' again.

I think all you need to do is Write ID and exit Menu
Then power on unit again and you’ll get HDD error.
Hold down HDD button for 10 or more seconds and 'HDD error' changes to 'Format'
When format finishes, it powers off. When you power on again and Chose Title list, you should see you have 80gb space.

On another forum, I found you can get a Service Manual (SONY RDR-GX310 HX710 HX910 E MODEL SM) from

Posted by Joe Bloggs

Re. Disk dirty - my 710 has been doing that for years - but I narrowed it down to being when you're burning a disk at high speed. If you burn in real time it works fine - not the best solution but fine if you're only burning one from time to time. I like the DVD+R solution above, haven't tried that one.

Posted by Xype

Hi I have a RDR HX-710 and the HDD seems to be OK but the DVD recorder / player option comes up " loading" and seems to flick a few times before coming up with a message " unable to load" and suggestions. please. is it possible to just replace the dvd player module and if so with what?

Posted by bernard

hi, after many years I checked some old footage on my 710. going through the title list I opened and closed some files. they all had sound as well. but then, all of a sudden I must have touched some button on the remote control, cause all sound is gone, no matter how hard I try to get it back. the sound on my tv is okay, so it must be the recorder. what could I have done wrong ..? and no, I don't see a mute button ...

thanks and cheers


Does anyone have the firmware file or link to the file for a Sony RDR-HX715

Posted by james

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