Dancing Demon on Galaksija

15.07.2007 16:04

Dancing Demon was a famous game for Tandy TRS-80 model I written by Leo Christopherson. I found out about it when I was researching the origins of Galaksija's operating system.

It turns out TRS-80 and Galaksija not only have very similar BASIC interpreters but also very similar graphics capabilities (which led me to believe Galaksija's ROM was based on Tandy's ROM, not Microsoft BASIC, but that is another story). To prove that, I ported Dancing Demon to Galaksija:

Dancing Demon on Galaksija

(Click to watch Dancing Demon on Galaksija video)

Of course, the whole program didn't fit into Galaksija's 6 kB of RAM (I believe the TRS-80 model on which the original Dancing Demon ran had 16 kB). I had to strip away the editor and basically everything else except the dancing animation (however you can still edit the dancing routine with BASIC editor in Galaksija's ROM). Melody playback also didn't make it (besides, Galaksija's software video would make that tricky), but I did manage to preserve the clicking sound (played back through Galaksija's cassette port, of course).

Source will be included in the next release of Galaksija development tools.

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